Welcome to Empowerment Toolbox, where creative leadership thrives. We
are a coaching, training and consulting firm committed to helping corporations, individuals and entrepreneurs achieve their goals by developing effective leadership at all levels.

Social and economic pressures require a new kind of leadership today - what we call creative leadership. Creative leaders possess more than just strength and strategy. Creative leaders are passionate and committed, fostering environments that inspire those around them. They are innovators, maintaining laser-like focus while embracing new ideas. Creative leaders demonstrate respect and compassion, and value the role these qualities play in motivating others and building morale. Creative leaders take responsibility for results. We believe everyone has the potential to be a creative leader.

The ability to create change is a requirement for success. Founder Karen Beckman believes that commitment, combined with the right type of support, can produce virtually any kind of change. Empowerment Toolbox provides the resources people need to create the changes necessary for professional and personal success.

Our leading coaches and consultants are dedicated to providing the spark, the support and the training needed for meaningful development and lasting change.

First, we listen in order to gain insight into your situation and understand your objectives. Then we customize an action plan to meet your particular needs. Please visit the links below to learn more about the tools available to support your professional and personal success:

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