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The ability to successfully navigate workplace conflict in a manner that builds long-term strategic partnerships is an invaluable business competency. Personal training in collaborative negotiation supports individuals seeking to become experts at effectively negotiating workplace conflict. Training is tailored to meet individual needs by using specific workplace situations as the basis for skill mastery. With regular coaching, clients learn to:
  • Invite open, face-to-face communication
  • Embrace respectful, honest and frank discussion
  • Become astute at quickly identifying the "real" issues that create obstacles
  • Better understand colleagues' wants and interests
  • Initiate a win-win mindset
  • Face conflict with confidence thereby engaging more powerfully in workplace decisions
  • Negotiate collaborative working agreements that outline how they will work together toward greater efficiency and productivity

Trainer: Elaine Rosenblum, Attorney/Mediator

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The ability to be a third party mediator has far reaching applications in the corporate environment. One-on-one training in mediator skills assists corporate executives in becoming facilitators of conflict resolution. Training is tailored to meet individual needs by using personal workplace situations as examples for skill and role mastery. With regular coaching, clients learn to:
  • Assist conflicted parties in building strategic partnerships
  • Create non-judgmental forums to share issues of mutual concern
  • Gain the trust of others through honesty and integrity
  • Become an active listener, a respectful voice and problem solver
  • Loop information back to assure others that they have been heard
  • Reframe issues neutrally in an effort to manage the frustration or anger of others productively
  • Model the process of generating customized, win-win solutions
  • Build agendas for productive discussion toward conflict resolution
  • Activate key tactics for generating movement beyond the conflict
  • Write mediated agreements that work

Trainer: Elaine Rosenblum, Attorney/Mediator

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The ability to maintain fruitful relationships with internal and external business partners is essential for corporate success. Breakdowns in communication and ensuing conflict can upset even the most productive business alliances.

In these instances, mediation is an invaluable tool that empowers even the most damaged relationship to flourish going forward.

Mediation for Team Alignment provides neutral, outside mediation and conflict resolution services that restore conflicted partnerships. Relationships are rebuilt using principles of collaborative negotiation. During the process of mediation, the mediator is continually modeling collaborative bargaining skills that parties or teams learn and incorporate into their daily, interpersonal relationships. This ensures that positive, collaborative interaction will certainly outlast the conflict at hand.

While engaging in MFA, inter-divisional partners and or teammates join in a process that enables them to:

  • Access a non-judgmental forum, facilitated by a neutral mediator, to share mutual concerns
  • Meet face-to-face to communicate openly
  • Better understand one another's wants and interests, regarding various relationship "hot points"
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Refrain from assigning blame
  • Create custom resolutions acceptable to all parties
  • Create negotiated working agreements through facilitated, frank discussion.
  • Maintain control over vital decisions affecting their work lives
  • Generate an agreement that outlines how the parties will work together moving forward

Phase I Diagnostics: Prior to joint discussion, the mediator meets participants individually to determine objectives and desired outcome.

Phase II (optional): Formal presentation of diagnostic assessment to all involved members

Phase III: Mediation process

FAQ's regarding MFA:

In what types of relationships is MFA appropriate?

  • To rehabilitate an at-risk company-client relationship
  • To rejuvenate intra-company team/divisional partnerships in which effective interaction is essential
  • To remedy discord and reduce stress among valued employees, who must work together, but find their partnership is not operating effectively or efficiently
  • To improve dialogue and dynamics between a vendor and vendee or any other service provider relationship, whether at risk or not

How long does this process take?

It depends on the issues at hand and the number of parties involved. MFA can take as little as two hours or continue as long as participants believe they are working productively. A typical Phase I-III process requires 2 business days, in terms of committed hours.

Why use an outside third party?

An outside mediator is a true neutral with no political ties to any organization or a vested interest in the outcome. This independence encourages honesty, trust and open discussion among the participants.


Mediator: Elaine Rosenblum, Esq.

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People often believe there is a 'magic formula' or genetic predisposition to being organized. This is simply untrue.  Our Professional Organizer works with individuals and groups to provide simple, practical, easy-to-understand tools that inspire even the most organizationally-challenged to get and stay organized in the areas of paper, time and space management.

We will come to your office or home and work beside you to create systems most appropriate for your particular needs. Results yield workplaces and homes that are free of clutter and clients who have more time, space and energy to focus on priorities.

We can help organize practically anything and specialize in helping clients:

  • Customize and implement easy-to-maintain filing systems
  • Set up and handle online bill-paying discreetly and confidentially
  • Create space where none was thought to exist
  • Arrange furniture in a way that blends both form and function

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Stress management training teaches clients a variety of ways to stay calm and centered in the face of "stress." Through regular coaching, clients learn self- hypnosis tools to enhance performance:
Learn natural tools for focusing and relaxing
Enhances ability to do work under stress
Allows for composure in stressful situations
Enhances ability to stay present without unhealthy anxiety

Gain specific tools to manage emotions
Identify personal trigger points
Gain skill in handling the emotions of others
Gain awareness of healthy boundaries
Learn to work successfully with difficult people
Learn to conserve energy and resources around energy zappers
Learn to know when to say 'no' and how to do it with grace
Improve decision-making abilities
Learn to be in touch with body wisdom, what 'feels right'
Learn to gather information and evaluate choices
Learn envisioning: trying on new choices for the future

Coach: Susan Spiegel

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Yoga is a process of self-transformation, helping us to recognize and challenge our self-limiting beliefs. Yoga addresses all aspects of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, bringing about change in the whole person. Through movement, breath, awareness, guided visualization, relaxation and meditation we gain strength, flexibility and balance not only in our bodies but in our lives, leading to a greater sense of health and well being.

Heidi works one-on-one to co-create a practice to fit individual needs. Pooling from a wide range of experience and knowledge, she designs practices that are both safe and challenging.

Heidi has worked with a variety of conditions including: pregnancy, limited range of motion, illness, and stress management.

Heidi offers Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions - a technique for unlocking emotional blocks and beliefs held in the body through stretching and verbal expression.

Group yoga experiences are also offered.

Private and group meditation sessions are also available.

Yoga Coach: Heidi Frieze

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