Leadership development isn't just about the people "on top". In fact, leadership should be the responsibility of every person in an organization. And, while not always obvious, this responsibility is as much about an attitude of ownership and pride as it is about mastery of specific skills. The Leadership Toolbox- a two day seminar with follow up coaching - is designed to develop critical leadership skills at all levels. By providing a relevant and accessible leadership model through a unique combination of training and coaching, The Leadership Toolbox is able to help companies shift from masses of workers to communities of leaders.

All Leadership Toolbox training and coaching is based on our philosophy of community leadership. Community leadership appreciates the essential value of every individual in an organization. The key to success of any organization depends on the health and performance of each of its parts. When any part of an organization is not functioning optimally, a domino effect begins and the entire company is ultimately weakened. Therefore, the most important thing that any company can do to ensure the success of its community is to provide the tools necessary for each of its members to succeed.

Seminar leader Karen Beckman

The Leadership Toolbox provides an interactive two-day seminar with specially designed follow-up coaching in which participants learn and integrate essential leadership tools and practices.

The combination of Training+ Coaching is key to sustaining behavioral change:

People learn conceptually when they are engaged and stimulated. On a practical
level, research indicates that people integrate new behaviors when they believe in them, commit to them and practice them for 21 days or more. The Leadership Toolbox' unique step of individual follow-up coaching ensures integration and implementation of tools critical to successful community leadership.

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The Leadership Toolbox follows a unique 4-step process: consulting, group coaching, training and follow-up one-on-one coaching with each participant. Follow up coaching takes place over the course of 21 days post- seminar and is a determining factor in reinforcement and integration of new behaviors.
Step 1. Consulting
First we consult at the senior level to identify the specific business and leadership challenges your organization is facing. We then customize our core training and workbook material to meet your objectives.

Step 2. Group Coaching

Group coaching is used to launch each of the training topics covered. This allows participants to identify and take ownership of key issues and begin to develop strategies for change. Once participants assume responsibility and accountability for their role in these issues, we move on to training.

Step 3. Training

A dynamic training method is used to provide learning tools in critical leadership development areas including: community leadership, self-management and effective communication. Each participant receives a workbook to facilitate learning during and after the seminar.

A. Community Leadership

Community leaders display commitment, ownership and pride in everything they do.

The success of any company lies directly in the quality of its leadership. Imagine if every member of your organizational community viewed him/herself as a vital leader. What if there were organizational systems and practices in place that supported a community leadership approach? What if company-wide values were identified, honored and practiced, connecting your employees in a way that promoted pride, a sense of identity and empowerment? What if your managers had proprietary tools at their fingertips to support a clear vision, winnable business goals and distinct role delineation at all levels?

What if every member of your organization modeled the qualities of successful community leadership: authenticity, honesty and a ruthless commitment to the benefit of the community at all times?

The community leadership model challenges and empowers every member of your organization to be a leader at all times.

B. Effective Communication

When effective communication is in place, the community thrives as connection, creativity and productivity peak.

Imagine if your employees valued the importance of good communication skills and actually employed tools that would ensure their success in this arena. What if respect was at the heart of all communication in your company? Imagine if people paid real attention to each other, set clear agreements on a regular basis, and were able to employ neutral language even in charged situations. What if all employees met daily and weekly with their supervisors and subordinates as appropriate? What if there was an effective cascade of communication company-wide?

These are some of the communication principles, skills and organizational systems around which participants will be coached and trained during this part of the seminar.

C. Self-Management

Self-management is actively managing oneself in all situations.

Imagine if your employees were able to master systems for task and time management, were able to eliminate time wasters and work more efficiently so that they had greater "space" and mental ability to focus on their goals. What if they were able to manage stress, maintain respectful boundaries and positive attitudes? What if they understood that they had the ability and the responsibility to do all of these things on a regular basis?

We contend that the health of any organization relies heavily on each of its members ability to manage him/herself at all times and devote this part of the seminar to training participants to master this practice.

Step 4. Follow-up Individual Coaching

This unique step provides each participant with 3 follow-up coaching sessions during which they work confidentially with a coach to ensure behavioral changes are taking place in an effective manner. Coaching begins directly after the seminar and lasts for a period of three weeks to ensure behavioral change.

Corporate coaching is the fastest, most effective way to create organizational change.

In addition to our seminar, which includes some follow-up coaching, The Leadership Toolbox also provides corporate coaching to help companies create and implement global shifts in business practices and business results. Whether you need to achieve specific profit margins, manage change, improve interdepartmental communications or develop specific skills company wide, The Leadership Toolbox provides individual coaching to the critical mass of leaders and/or key influencers (middle management) that will help spur and cement change in your organization. Here's how it works:
  1. The Leadership Toolbox consults with management to identify and agree to the corporate agenda/initiatives.
  2. Clients are matched with coaches.
  3. Clients rate themselves on their initial performance with regard to the corporate initiatives.
  4. Clients work toward achieving the corporate agenda by speaking confidentially with coaches, on a weekly basis, over the course of a three-month period.
  5. Progress is tracked on an ongoing basis and reviewed at the end of the three-month period.
  6. Relevant trend data and anonymous feedback is provided to corporate

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