"One of the most amazing things about working with Karen is her uncanny ability to get to your issues swiftly . . . and then skillfully allow you to uncover the solutions."

-Director of Communications
Tropicana Inc.

"As director of an office of 190 people in a client service business, the day-to-day urgencies often leave little time to focus on the bigger picture. Working with Karen Beckman and Empowerment Toolbox, I have been able to focus on crystallizing my vision and leadership style, and then on nurturing leadership throughout my organization. Karen has a real talent for diagnosing the root of an issue and then helping an individual or team explore that issue in a way that allows for self-realization and solution.

Coaching with Karen is a real growth experience that nets ideas and solutions that are actionable. And, that is tremendously rewarding.

Of all the business strategies I employed last year to ensure that our organization would weather a very challenging economic climate, one of the most effective was remaining true to my coaching relationship with Empowerment Toolbox and expanding that relationship to key members of my most senior management team."

-Partner and Director

"Working with Karen was great for me personally and great for my career. She guided me to find for myself the direction I needed. She then helped me make a commitment to follow that path completely and unreservedly. She provided experienced guidance navigating the management structure of my company while also helping me uncover what about my professional life and career was important to me.

She used her keen intuition to help me discover within myself the answers to my questions, rather than attempting to impose her own views on me. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any professional who would like to develop his or her job into a challenging and satisfying

-Manager, Technology
Goldman Sachs



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